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Grinding and Lapping
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Grinding and Lapping

RETTIFICA NORD is present on the market for over 30 years, with qualified experience in grinding and lapping for third parties of mechanical parts, on the customer's design.

The gained experience in production, the technologies currently used on modern machinery and the expertise of highly qualified personnel, have led to precision machining of materials with varied chemical characteristics - structural as well as the market demands today.

Thanks to the choice of suitable abrasive is possible grinding different type of materials with chromium oxide, ceramic coating, molybdenum, stellite, aluminum oxide, widia (carboloy), K100, K720.

Some application’s areas:
  • injection molding, (nozzles, bushings, and various components)
  • the energy sector: centrifugal and volumetric pump, centrifugal compressors, gas and steam turbines (gears reducer, turbine shafts, spacers, pins, wheels, and various components)
  • machine tool (shafts, spindles, flanges, plates, pistons, cold fitting with nitrogen)
  • hydraulic hammers (support, bushing, cylinder block)
  • excavators, telescopic forklifts, machines that are used in the military and agricultural (shafts, cam shafts, hubs, pistons, epicyclic gears, conic pinion, crown wheel, taper pins, and other components)
  • aviation industry
  • automotive (gears reducer, axle shafts, wheel hubs, and other components)
  • naval industry (connecting rods, axles, gears reducer and various components)
  • metalworking plant.