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    Always abreast of the new market demands in precision mechanics, Rettifica Nord specialises in machining processes consisting in the grinding of small, medium and large mechanical parts.
    Impeccable results, short manufacturing times and flexibility, supported by the professionalism of a highly qualified production team, are what Rettifica Nord offers to fulfil the customers’ demands.
    Having received the certification against standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 from the Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica (Italian Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics), certificate no. 1388, and from IQNet IT, certificate no. 11515, Rettifica Nord is also qualified to perform non-destructive testing and to issue certificates of conformity in accordance with the existing regulations.

Rettifica Nord

Precision grinding of mechanical parts in Padua

Having been in the precision mechanics business since 1981, Rettifica Nord has specialised in the grinding of small, medium and large size mechanical components that are used in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors.
Over the years, the company has acquired solid expertise in parts machining, which has helped us keep abreast of the ever changing market demands in a process of continual innovation.
Our mechanical precision grinding technology for industrial applications enables us to machine many different parts, from gears and shafts to heads, rollers, and turbines. Surface, cylindrical and round grinding: all our machining processes are aimed at providing the highest qualitative standards.
A 40-year-long experience

Almost four decades is a long enough time to learn how to do a lot of things well: our mechanical machining processes are living proof of this. Precision since 1981.

Multi-sector specialisation

Our specialisation sectors span from automotive to energy (gas & oil), from wind energy to the aeronautics, shipbuilding, medical and food industries, including the manufacture of machine tools and much more.

Innovative technologies

The company has continued its investments in more and more performing machinery combined with highly reliable tools, on its way to the future.

Certified quality

The company is certified against the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and is qualified to issue certificates of conformity after non-destructive testing, in compliance with the European and US regulatory standards.  

Excellence in grinding

Our machining processes: beyond mechanical grinding.

rettifica componenti meccaniche
Industrial machining processes for third parties


Highly qualified staff and meticulous attention paid to the customers’ needs are key to precision machining of materials with several different chemical and structural features.
realizzazione componenti meccanici
Manufacture of mechanical components

Full supply

Rettifica Nord manufactures mechanical components taking as reference the drawings received from the customer. The process starts with material selection and ends with final testing, and it includes all necessary machining processes: heat treatments, coating, mechanical grinding, etc.
realizzazione componenti meccanici


Our company also offers a service for the repair of worn mechanical parts. The process is intended to recondition any type of component in order to keep machinery and equipment reliable and in good working order.

Dimensional controls

Dimensional controls are performed in an area specifically set up for parts testing after machining. Our metrological room is equipped with ACCREDIA-certified instruments.

Non-destructive testing

The purpose of non-destructive testing is to find any and all structural or machining defects without damaging the tested part so that it is available for future use. Certificates of conformity are issued, in accordance with the existing standards.


La nostra azienda offre anche il servizio di ripristino di parti meccaniche usurate. Un processo che permette di rigenerare qualsiasi componente e dunque di mantenere la funzionalità e l'affidabilità di macchinari ed attrezzature.

Controlli dimensionali

I controlli dimensionali vengono eseguiti in un'area dedicata esclusivamente al collaudo post lavorazione. La sala metrologica è fornita di strumentazione certificata ACCREDIA.

Controlli non distruttivi

Attraverso i controlli non distruttivi, è possibile ricercare tutti quei difetti strutturali o di lavorazione, senza pregiudicare la possibilità di utilizzo del pezzo in esame. Vengono rilasciati certificati di conformità secondo le normative in vigore.
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Our companies: Trevisan and Rettifica Nord

Team strength

The experience Rettifica Nord has acquired in precision mechanics is now further expanded by a strong and long-lasting collaboration with Trevisan, its associated company and leader in metal heat treatments, which has been active in the metal production and working industry since 1972. Our partnership with Trevisan helps us provide the highest quality in other machining processes as well, including:
Quenching and tempering
Trevisan Specialisti nei trattamenti termici dei metalli
In its forty years of history, Rettifica Nord has built the foundations for a solid present and an ambitious future, becoming a reference point in the precision mechanics sector. It has done so based on clear values and challenging objectives, which have characterized its growth and enabled it to achieve a leadership role in the metalworking industry.
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