Rettifica Nord is present in the mechanical sector of precision since 1981, through the grinding of small, medium and large mechanical parts, which are used in a wide variety of production sectors. Over the years the company has developed a professional experience which has pushed it to keep up with new technologies, in order to deal with the constant market’s changes and its own requests, perfecting a knowledge of raw materials and processing systems, which have led her to be a leader in its sector, focusing on:

  • guarantee and quality of the finished product
  • investments in new production technologies
  • policy of continuous improvement of company management
  • creation of strategic spaces from a logistical point of view
  • flexibility in responding quickly to customer needs
  • creation of a more comfortable working place for its operators

Rettifica Nord is a collaborative partner of leading national and international companies in the energy sectors (gas and oil), automotive, naval, wind, aeronautical, electro-medical and food industries, and in the construction of machine tools, placing itself in a niche market and looking for companies that combine quality and innovation, even in Italy.

For productions in series and in the automotive branch, statistical analyses of the product and process are carried out with the observation of the critical characteristics and their stability in the time, useful data in capability analysis.

Over the years, Rettifica Nord has created a department specialized in production of components for machine tools, details that require very high precision, as well as special confidentiality of the customer.

Thanks to the synergy with qualified companies, a collaborative network has been created for the production of mechanical parts in various sectors as well as a retrofit service to restore the performance of the components and improve their functionality.

The company is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 issued by the Institute of Industrial Certification for the Mechanics with certificate no. 1388 and IQNet IT 11515.

Alongside production, Rettifica Nord has developed a control service for the machined products, also from third parties, thanks to the innovative metrology room equipped with advanced instruments as well as a three-dimensional measuring machine ZEISS, and non-destructive testing equipment (magnetoscopic and liquid penetrant tests), with the possibility of issuing certificates of suitability, thanks to qualified personnel according to European UNI EN 473 and American SNT/TC1A-86 standards.