In order to provide a complete service to customers, with a tangible guarantee on production results, Rettifica Nord has developed an area dedicated exclusively to post-processing testing, with a metrology room equipped with ACCREDIA certified instrumentation.

The extreme precision of dimensional checks is ensured by the use of instruments from leading metrology brands, such as Zeiss, Mahr and Mitutoyo. Particular relevance is then given to the three-dimensional measuring machine (Zeiss Contura), with point-to-point control or continuous scanning capabilities, which allows to provide a dimensional certificate to complete the work performed.

The dimensional control service is also extended to products manufactured by third parties.

Some instruments of the testing room:

  • three-dimensional machine Zeiss Contura
  • Millimar Mahr, a very high precision instrument, which uses transducer probes, for the control of length and height by difference between measurements, straightness, taper, orthogonality, coaxiality, concentricity, flatness, run-out and others. The probes have a repeatability error of 0.1 μm, and a linear deviation up to 0.4 μm
  • Mahr roundness tester
  • single axis measuring machine
  • height gages and altimeters
  • roughness measuring instruments also for circumferential control