Rettifica Nord has been present on the market for almost 40 years in the production of grinding processes for mechanical parts for third parties, according to customer drawings. Thanks to the production experience gained over the decades, the company is able to perform processes using advanced and latest generation machinery.

The highly qualified staff and the scrupulous attention to customer needs allow to obtain precision machining on materials with the most varied chemical-structural characteristics, as the market today requires.

The constant and careful research for new abrasives, alongside the experience gained with traditional ones, allows to work steels with different types of coatings (chromium/ tungsten carbide, aluminium / chromium / zirconium oxide, ceramic, aluminium-ceramic), or particularly tough steels such as Carboloy (Widia), Inconel, K100, K720, right up to the rubber.

Examples of application areas:

  • injection moulding (nozzles, bushes, and various components)
  • energy sector: centrifugal and volumetric pumps, centrifugal compressors, gas and steam turbines (reducer gears, turbine shafts, spacers, pins, wheels and various components)
  • machine tools (shafts, spindles, flanges, plates, pistons, with assembly with cold fitting in nitrogen)
  • hydraulic demolition hammers (bodies, supports, bushes, cylinder blocks)
  • excavators, telescopic forklift, machines used in the military and agricultural field (shafts, cam shafts, hubs, pistons, epicyclic gears, conic pinion, crown wheel, taper pins and other components)
  • woodworking machines
  • aeronautical sector
  • food sector
  • medical sector
  • automotive sector (reducer gears, axle shafts, wheel hubs and components)
  • naval sector (connecting rods, axes, reducer gears and components in general)
  • metalworking plants